Registration Fall 2018 a/k/a Don't Panic

The class selections are "under construction"on the website. Miss Emily will have them up and available to you by July 15, 2018. You may, if you wish, go ahead and complete the "STUDENT REGISTRATION" under the classes tab.

Don't panic. The most important part is that you register with your Partnership using their procedure, deadlines and requirements. The purpose of our "registration" is to collect your contact information so I can pester you with updates and information throughout the school year and we can check it against the partnership registrations. If you prefer, you can come to the first class and sit with Miss Emily, have a coffee and she will complete the computer registration for you. Also, know that if a class is overfull we will shuffle the schedule and split the class so that everyone can attend who wants to attend. Enjoy your summer!

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