You will notice that all of my class syllabus are under their own tab on the website. Please be aware that the syllabi are created to give you, your student and your homeschool district a general idea of what we will cover in any given class. The syllabi are only a guideline and should not be relied upon as a week to week calendar of events. Here at Birch Bank Farms we recognize that each student is a unique and individual learner. Classes are kept small so that we do not lose the homeschool feel or benefit and the pace of the class will be adjusted according to the needs of the individual students and the group as a whole. We do not focus on production but rather method. We are not trying to turn out a pile of art by the end of the semester, but rather a better trained artist with some of the foundation that will help him or her grow as a person and create with intent and skill for a lifetime of artistic expression.

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